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2016-2021 Strategic Plan

The vision of New York State Disability Service Council (NYSDSC) is to provide professional expertise within disability service in higher education in New York State while proactively facilitating change for the benefit of the disability community in higher education.

The core values of the New York State Disability Service Council reside in our deep regard for diversity and inclusion. We believe in enhancing the professional community that we serve through advocacy and professional development with specific focus on leadership, accommodation management, and assistive technology, via state-wide collaborations and initiatives. As an official state affiliate of the Association of Higher Education and Disability, the NYSDSC proudly endorses the values and mission of AHEAD.

The proposed mission of NYSDSC is to:

  • strengthen the professional knowledge and expertise of the membership
  • be a resource for affiliated campus communities
  • advocate for the equity and dignity of students with disabilities in New York State
  • address current and emerging issues with respect to disability, education, and accessibility
  • facilitate communication for system change and universal access
 Goal: To actively promote access to programs, services, and activities in post-secondary institutions through the use of technology (Access and Technology)


·         To increase access to technology for students with disabilities at our affiliated institutions.

·         To provide ongoing education for the NYSDSC members on how to evaluate emerging technology for accessibility.

·         To centralize state-wide efforts for access and technology through the NYSDSC website.

Suggested Action Items:

·         Develop NYSDSC Access and Technology best practices in the area of assistive technology, 3rd party vendor purchasing, (VPATs), (e.g. ASL interpreting, state contracts for services).

·         Encourage formation of student advisory committees on technology on campuses

·         Facilitate program engagement with IT departments through activity, training and informational materials


Goal: To strengthen the professional knowledge and expertise of our membership. (Professional Development)


 ·         Develop a working group that identifies the professional needs and areas of interest of our membership, and strategies to enhance the delivery of services.

Action Items:

·         Develop and disseminate an assessment tool designed to prioritize members’ interest

·         Analyze data gathered by the assessment tool and report information to membership at the annual June conference and post on the NYSDSC website.

·         Develop a working group to research training and/or webinars to support the needs as determined by the organization.  

·         Develop a working group to research and determine funding for training each year and to make sure the training program is sustainable.

·         Develop a working group to establish a timeline for the launch of training programs using various formats to be inclusive of all members.

·         Maintain a new provider training program


Goal: To utilize the expertise of members to conduct program review for affiliated campuses (Professional Development)


·         Be a resource for affiliated NYSDSC campus communities by sharing best practices.

Suggested Action Items:

·         Create program review documents (e.g. CAS or develop our own unique NYSDSC document)

·         Identify and train program evaporators

·         Initiate evaluation program

·         Compile data

·         Disseminate statewide

To utilize the expertise of members to design campus wide staff and faculty development activities via webinars, conferences and publications while affirming their role in ensuring access (Campus Development)



·         Engage campus communities in delivery of accommodations for SWD by providing pertinent training materials and establishing collaborative efforts


Suggested Action Items:

·         Encourage members to plan webinars and other related on line training

·         Develop online faculty training modules based on existing topics of concern to be used during faculty orientations

·         Develop list of trainers and speakers on related areas to be shared with members via NYSDSC website

·         Promote UDL in pedagogical practice through research and presentations


Goal: To enhance opportunities for inter/intra institutional collaboration. (Collaboration)


 ·         To build a collaborative, comprehensive, and sustainable platform for inter institutional collaborations


Suggested Action Items:

·         Develop a working group to build a program for colleague-to-colleague collaboration

·         Co-present with faculty members at affiliated institutions on issues of disability 

: To actively advocate for the equity and dignity of students with disabilities in New York State. (Leadership)


·         To develop and foster working relationships with agencies and organizations in New York and at the national level to further the mission of NYSDSC to enhance educational opportunities for our diverse and emerging student populations.

·         To facilitate communications for universal access, develop and foster relationships with the administration and members of post secondary institutions to further the mission of NYSDSC, and to enhance the educational opportunities for our diverse and emerging student populations.

Action Items:

·         Maintain effective relationship with the state education department and state and federal congressional and legislative committees. Strategize other key relationships that need further development (e.g. ACCES-VR,OPWDD, CBVH, LDA, Parent Orgs, AHEAD and Veteran Organizations)

·         Review the current Reader’s Aid legislation as it impacts affiliate members and advocate for program changes that will benefit our students.

·         Create annual plan of action for developing relationships

·         Identify all necessary legislative action on an annual basis.

·         Assign responsibilities within the NYSDSC membership to address the action plans noted above,

·         Include students with disabilities in the process when possible.

·         Identify key NYSED personnel who will take responsibility for posting HEDS data following completion and submission of the annual HEDS report by our college campuses for follow up purposes.

·         Evaluate the HEDS data and develop common presentation and provide information to the administration at member colleges across the state.

·         Train NYSDSC members to read HEDS data and develop individualized reports pertinent to their institutions.


Goal: To build an inclusive environment. (Diversity)


·         To acknowledge that disability is diversity and a matter of civil rights.

Suggested Action Items:

·         Develop and distribute training materials on UDL principles which supports the diversity of our learners on our affiliated campuses

·         Collect stories from our students regarding their perspectives on disability and diversity to be posted to the NYSDSC website

·         Advocate for diversity and inclusion as a critical component of our campus’ culture through related activities

: To build understanding that providing access is an institutional responsibility (Diversity, Advocacy)


·         To acknowledge that disability is diversity and a part of civil rights

Suggested Action Items:

·         Develop and continue collaboration with advocacy groups for individuals with disabilities in NYS, which impacts students in higher education  (e.g. NYSED Advisory Council for students with disabilities in postsecondary education)


Goal: To empower students to become self-advocates (Advocacy)


·         Educate students in articulating needs

Suggested Action Items:

·         Identify existing higher education student-led advocacy groups on our affiliated campuses

·         Explore supporting a statewide student-led disability advocacy group

·         Encourage student club activities and participation on campus and during State wide initiatives

·         Encourage student wide conferences and trainings related to diversity and advocacy

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