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Access Technologies

Members: Sumana Silverheels (Chair), Ashley Durocher, Carrie Snyder, Christopher Warner, Cyrus Hamilton, Danielle Smith, Dianne Gray, Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Kally Lauther, Natalie Morabito, Nazely Kurkjian, Sharon Trerise, Tamara Mariotti, Wendi Mathews 

Charge: To help membership promote accessibility on campuses via usage of hardware and software via special trainings, and help create guidelines and processes for purchasing hardware and software with accessibility in mind.

Action Items:

  • To develop a procurement policy/procedure template for use by members and institutions. This will be a guideline that campuses may access to promote purchase of hardware and software with accessibility in mind
  • To promote accessible course design on campuses. The MOOC – Accessibility – Designing and Teaching Courses for All Learners, will be promoted on campuses. Guided session, monitored by the Access Tech committee members, will be scheduled at regular intervals to discuss sections of the course. Faculty and staff on campuses will be encouraged to participate and discuss the barriers and effectiveness of what they learn. Sessions will be web-based and moderated by the Access Tech Committee.
  • To create student portal to work with IT and Disability Services to support faculty/staff in creating Accessible content. 
  • To work with SUNY Central on developing Accessibility best practices/Assessment tools.

Future Collaborations:

  • Invite Rey Muniz III (SUNY Rep CCSD) to join Tech committe
    • Liaison with CCSD and student senate to form student advisory committees
  • Engage with IT and Educational Technology


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