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Conference Planning

Upcoming events

Members: Loren Nowak, Grace Costello, Stephanie Pietropaolo, Jhony Nelson, Megan Riedl, Catherine Carlson, Stefan Charles-Pierre, Nancy Carr, Tamara Mariotti, Cyrus Hamilton, Jean Vizvary

Charge: Develop, coordinate and implement bi-annual conferences and other opportunities to provide vehicles for professional development of members and inter/intra institutional collaboration.

Action items:
  1. Develop goal for each event
  2. Establish/theme publish meeting rotation schedule
  3. Explore and establish venues & relationships with sites
  4. Incorporate current, relevant materials consistent with the goals/theme into each event that targets professional needs
  5. Call for proposals
  6. Develop and disseminate conference materials
  7. Develop preliminary conference budget and present to executive committee for approval


  • Professional Development
  • Technology and Access
  • Awards
  • Website

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