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June 2017 Conference Materials

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Updated on: June 12, 2017


Day 1: Wednesday, June 28th 2017

Morning Session: Salome Heyward, JD

1.1 Speed Networking [No presentation]

1.2  Meetings 1:1 with Salome [No presentation]

1.3 Consortia Networking

2.1 Utilizing Assistive Technology

2.2 Supporting Students with Brain Injury

2.3 Disability Studies 101 (Part I of a II Part Series): Intro to Disability Studies: What Professionals Want to Know

Afternoon Session: New York State Department of Education Updates from Advisory Council on Post-Secondary Education for Students with Disabilities and Excelsior Scholarship, Reader’s Aid Legislation followed by Q & A 

Day 2: Thursday, June 29th 2017

Assistive Technology Vendors booths all day in the Foyer  

3.1   New Professionals Training 
3.2   Digital Libraries
3.3 Disability Studies 102 (Part II of a II Part Series):  Next steps in building practices based on disability studies theoretical concepts

4.1 Assistive Technology - A Roundtable Discussion

Presentation [PDF]

4.2   ACCES-VR: Overview of Eligibility Requirements, General Services, and College Supports 
PowerPoint Presentation  Outline [Word]

4.3   Navigating Attendance Modification Accommodations

PowerPoint Presentation  Outline [Word]

5.1 Pathways to Career Success and UDL

PowerPoint Presentation  Outline [Word]

5.2   Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals: Open Discussion & Best Practices
5.3   New York State Commission for the Blind


Open Dialogue: I have a Student /faculty/parent who…. 

Sector Meetings

·         CUNY - Murray

·         SUNY - Round

·         Independent - Grindstone

·         Proprietary - Grindstone

4:00 to 5:00 pm  10th Year Anniversary Celebration in the Foyer - Wine and Cheese with the VENDORS.

Day 3: Friday, June 30th 2017

NYSDSC Business Meeting Materials: 

  Business Meeting Agenda;
November Draft Business Meeting Notes

Dr. Marilyn Bartlett - "A review of relevant ADA-AA and IDEA cases that impact how DSS  personnel work with college students." 

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