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NYSDSC Spring ’18 Professional Conference

The Conference theme A Thousand Connections Begins Here

A Thousand Connections Begins Here

I.                   Day 1: Wednesday, June 27th 2018

08:30 to 09:25 am            Registration and Full Breakfast

09:30 to 10:15 am            Welcome Note, Loren Nowak, President

10:15 to 11:15am             KEYNOTE, Brian T. Rose [PDF]

11:20am to 12:20pm       Concurrent Session #1

1.1 New Professionals Training: Updated Manual

    1.2  Legal Ramifications of Having Animals on Campus: 

12:30 to 01:30pm            Lunch

1:30 to 2:30pm                NYSED Advisory Council on Post-Secondary Education for Students with Disabilities Updates:

Enhancing Supports & Services for Post-secondary Success of Students with Disabilities [PDF]

Contact List of NYSED Advisory Council on Post-secondary Education for Students with Disabilities  [PDF]

2:35 to 03:35pm              Universal Design on the Educational Landscape [PDF] [Word]

04:00 to 05:00pm            Concurrent Session #2

2.1  Mental Health on Campus – 

2.2  Managing Student Data using the Titanium Database  - 

I.                   Day 2: Thursday, June 28th 2018

08:30 to 09:25 am            Full Breakfast

09:30am to 05:15pm       Information Available All Day (VENDORS, Ask an Expert, What's Happening in My Neck of the Woods)

09:30am to 10:40am       Concurrent Session #3

3.1   How To Design and Create Accessible Documents SENSUS ACCESS [PDF] [PPT]

3.2  Accessible Text Books and Reference Materials -BOOKSHARE [PDF] [PPT]

10:45 to 11:40am             Concurrent Session #4  

4.1  Emergency Management for SWDs -[PPT] [WORD]

Example Emergency Evacuation -Campus wide [PDF]

Example of Emergency Evacuation procedure for People with Disabilities [PDF]

Example of a Personal Medical Emergency Plan (PMEP) Information [PDF]

Example of a Personal Medical Emergency Plan (PMEP) Form [PDF]

4.2  Access BSC: A Bridge to Success in College [PDF]

11:45am – 12:55pm        Concurrent Session #5

5.1  Mental Health Accommodations:  “I have a student who…” [PDF] [slide-PDF]

5.2  Become an Accessibility Change Agent Using Technologies from Nobel Laureates [PDF]

5.3  OrCam MyEye – Breakthrough Artificial Vision Wearable Technology [PPT] [PDF]

01:00 to 01:55pm             Lunch – Awards Ceremony

02:00 to 02:55pm             Open Dialogue:  “I have a student /faculty/parent who….”

03:00 to 03:55pm             Sector Meetings CUNY, SUNY,  Independent, Proprietary 

04:00 to 05:00pm           Wine & Cheese Cool-Down [PDF

I.                   Day 3: Friday, June 29th 2017

08:30 to 09:25am             Full Breakfast -Wrap-Up Session for New Professionals Training Attendees or NYSDSC Committee Meetings 

09:30 to 10:45am             NYSDSC Business Meeting

10:50am to 12:30pm       Concurrent Session #6

6.1  High School to College Transition Programs for Students with Disabilities [PDF] [PPT]

6.2  If You Build It, They Will Come 

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