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Nominations Committee

Members: Alissa Cummings, Ed.M.;  Niagara County Community College, (Chair)

Carolyn Boone, JD;  Tompkins-Cortland Community College

Nadia Griffith-Allen, MA;  John Jay College College of Criminal Justice

Avery Horowitz, Ph.D.;  Touro College

Andrea Gustafson, BS, MS, Buffalo State College

Charge: The Nominations Committee is assembled for the purpose of identifying candidates for the Executive Committee Positions of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Marketing and AHEAD affiliate and to conduct fair and accurate elections for these positions.

Action Items: The following goals outlined in the Strategic Plan are aligned with the Professional Development Committee:

  • The Nomination Committee reports to the president of NYSDSC and consists of at least one representative from each of the CUNY, SUNY Proprietary and Independent sectors. The Nominating Committee shall not exceed nine members.
  • A call for nominations for election for Executive Committee positions will be sent to all NYSDSC members no later than April of each year. Members will be provided at least three weeks to submit nominations.
  • Once nominations are accepted a ballot would be formed and this committee would secure digital acceptance of the nomination for office from each candidate.
  • The ballot will then be presented to the executive committee to “move to accept the slate”. Once the slate is finalized, this committee would participate in the ballot design; announce the slate via digital accessible format on the listserv or the NYSDSC website. An election will be held by electronic mail or by other electronic means. Our membership is not all available to participate in the June meeting so ballots are completed through web/email that will work for our constituency. 
  • Newly-elected officers will assume their positions at the annual June Meeting of the NYSDSC.
In the event that only a single nomination is received for an open position, at the close of nominations the NYSDSC Secretary will be empowered to cast a single vote on behalf of the membership and no formal election will be necessary for that position. In the event of a tie vote, the tie will be broken by the flip of a coin to be conducted by the Immediate Past-President at the commencement of the June Meeting.

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