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Professional Development Committee

Members: Nazely Kurkjian (Chair), Carolyn Boone, Kristin Harte, Lauren Rodriguez, Tanya Hoistion, Liz Shea, Sarah Mecca, Melissa Soules, Nancy Carr.

Charge: To coordinate and plan activities that meets the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan and supports membership.

Action Items:  The following goals outlined in the Strategic Plan are aligned with the Professional Development Committee:

  1. To strengthen the professional knowledge and expertise of our membership.
  2. To utilize the expertise of members to conduct program review for affiliated campuses.
  3. To utilize the expertise of members to design campus wide staff and faculty development activities via webinars, conferences and       publications while affirming their role in ensuring access.
  4. To enhance opportunities for inter/intra institutional collaboration.

The Professional Development Committee will work closely with the college sectors and other committees to:

  • Revamp the New Professionals Manual
  • Continue to monitor and update it as needed
  • Continue New Professional Training at NYSDSC conferences
  • Provide networking activity/session at annual June conference
  • Begin to build a network of experts – list on NYSDSC website which includes: our members, non-NYSDSC professionals, state and other agencies, legal experts, trainers and consultants.
  • Promote regional consortia, in order to provide members professional development in their own regions and easy access to campuses geographically close by, for advising and consultation.
  • Create and disseminate a needs assessment survey to NYSDSC members to assess professional development area needs.
  • Monitor trending topics on list-serve in order to provide training and/or webinars to support the needs of the organization, and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., faculty & staff outside of organization).
  • Research and endorse program standards for the organization.

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