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Speech to Text

Many people are familiar with dictation software, especially if they have a smartphone and use dictation to speak their text messages or to activate the built-in assistant (e.g., Siri on the Apple smart phones).  The basic premise is that you speak into the device and it translates your speech to text. There are so many applications of this technology that are beneficial to both those with and without disabilities.  However, dictation software is often tricky to use because of the individual variation in people’s speech patterns and pronunciation of words. Dictation software has improved considerably in recent years and most applications are almost to the point of being ready out-of-the-box to handle the dictation needs of the user. They do require some training so it can build the user’s voice profile and improve accuracy.  CC-BY-SA AccessMOOC

Built-in device/browser


OS X, iOS, Watch OS, tvOS


Windows 7

Google Docs


Dragon Naturally Speaking is an advanced, customizable voice recognition software program that assists users control their computer by the sound of their voice.


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